Why we love what we do

Just For You started as a small retail store which rented videos and sold balloon bouquets in 1990, Stone Creek Video.  Robyn Maiers' creativity has evolved the store with the changing times.  Throughout the years she has added tanning beds, small gift items and many other popular items.  in 2000 the business outgrew its small retail space and needed a larger store front.  It was then that she teamed up with Carla Ries to open a store front where Stone Creek Video and Country Lane, a home decor business shared staff.  In 2004, Robyn's sister Rhonda purchased the decor business and and the sisters went into business together.  For many years they ran with 2 seperate names, Stone Creek Video and Just For You.  As the businesses emerged into one great business they dropped the Stone Creek Video as it is now Just For You.  


Just For You is a store that as it's name states is "just for you".  Video rental and balloon bouquets are still a staple part of the business.  Today the business has services and products well beyond that, tanning, fresh florals, clothing, jewlery, vinyl printing, home decor & custom t-shirts.